adaptable workforce solutions

We know what it takes to search, gauge, develop and retain top-performing talent, and have the commercial insight to achieve greater value for businesses we partner with across New Zealand.

With a comprehensive yet customised approach across specialist industry divisions, we provide integrated services from contract, short or long term recruitment through to full-blown labour contracting services.

tried, tested, trusted

Having earned a reputation for integrity and quality by providing dependable and honest services, we’re proud to work with a range of the country’s leading companies. Likewise, with a solid reputation of providing great job opportunities, a steady flow of work, the right pay and even a few extra benefits like our team discount program, we’re proud of our solid reputation with the candidates we attract and work with too.

more than a labour hire company

At Trade Assist, we’re a team that’s as passionate about helping our candidates find great jobs as we are about contributing to the success of the clients we partner with by enhancing staffing capabilities through our experience and ability.

We’re in the workforce recruitment solutions business. With a comprehensive yet customised approach across specialist industry divisions, we provide integrated recruitment services including contract, short or long term with the experience to deliver.

Why do we do things a bit differently? Because we get that the world’s changed. Businesses work differently. People work differently. Workforces adapt, so your human capital strategy needs to as well.

our comprehensive recruitment process

To ensure we provide you with the best talent solution for your business, our recruitment specialist will partner with you to identify and meet your exact business requirements. Once we've identified your business needs, our consultants will perform targeted candidate searches and conduct a full culture-fit check. This process includes:

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finding the right person for the job Dropdown Arrow

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