Health & Safety

Safety always comes first

Keeping our staff safe and happy is our first priority at Trade Assist. We take a proactive approach, working closely with a range of partners to ensure our people are well-trained and up-to-date with any qualifications needed.


Safety is a culture!

By ensuring everyone has a sense of personal responsibility and feels comfortable to openly discuss safety and report observations and concerns, ensures that preventative action can be taken to ensure accidents are avoided.


A proactive approach

There are a number of preventative measures which Trade Assist takes to ensure the highest safety standards are met, including:

  • ACC accreditation
  • Independent audit of our systems and processes
  • Mandatory toolbox talks
  • Use of Assura Software, a workflow platform which ensures every risk or incident is addressed and reported
  • Supply of appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Testing and ragging of all electrical equipment
  • Ongoing and onsite safety training
  • Pre-employment and random drug and alcohol testing
  • Quarterly Safety Awards for staff who show commitment to safety
  • We work closely with multiple training organisations to ensure our staff are appropriately trained and certified for the work they are going to complete
  • Personnel competency register detailing competencies, training, and when refreshers and renewals are needed.


Meet our partners in safety

We work closely with our clients to ensure Trade Assist’s health and safety processes are well-aligned to ensure an integrated approach in creating a safe environment. A prime example of this is the operation of a field-based health and safety management system, where all staff can contribute to the site’s safety, by reporting risks, unsafe practices and incidents, from their mobile phones in real time.


Demonstrating health and safety

Trade Assist has SiteWise Green Status, having demonstrated quality health and safety systems in place.

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